What do we
believe in?

We believe that the reputation and
growth of a company or brand are part
and parcel of the history behind them, the
ways the story evolves, but also depend
on the ability to recount it.

1 holding, 3 agencies,
over 40 professionals,
17 years of history. 

50% female management.
60% millennials,
30% Gen Z,
10% baby boomers.

We know how to speak all the
different languages of
contemporary communication.
We are closely attuned to the
needs of different audiences,
stakeholders, and consumers.

We know companies and how to
develop and protect them.

We create

Before we act, we listen, delve deeper,
and immerse ourselves in the identity
of brands and businesses.
We get to the point and provide highly
responsive service.

We move with agility, flexibility
and listening skills.
We don't shirk for the most
complex challenges and we
know how to interact with
both the management and
corporate leadership.

Most of our clients have
reccomended us to others
and have chosen to stay
with us for the long run.

Three doors
to enter
a new story.

The Story Group was born
to tell your story

The Story Group was born to tell your story.
We specialized in building corporate
reputation  and media relations, in
defining the brand's positioning and
building its identity, in creating and
producing video material for internal
use, and branded content for social media.

The Story Group was born
to tell your story from every
perspective ,  as a coherent
whole, responding seamlessly
to  all your communication needs.


Stakeholder engagement.
Corporate reputation development and
consensus building. Media relations,
content marketing, social media
management, events and  internal

Brand Strategy & Identity. Consumer,
Corporate, Employer Branding.
The brand universe in all its physical
and digital  touchpoints.

Planning, creation, production
and distribution of high-standard
video contents.
Digital & brand entertainment,
corporate video libraries.

The Story Group was born
to tell your story

A nice story,
we like
to tell

The Story Group has been a long-
standing partner of the Fondazione
Don Gino Rigoldi, providing support
for its communications  projects.

The team lead by Don Gino,  the
historic Chaplain of Milan’s Beccaria
juvenile prison, helps young people
in difficult circumstances, who risk
marginalization or hail from
challenging social background.
Their mission is  to provide
unwavering support and  launch them
on a personalized  educational
or vocational path.

The Story Group is proud to
share and support this
big-hearted endeavour.

Get in


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