Audio identity How to choose the perfect soundtrack for a video content


“I’ve seen things you people…” Bright film ideas and memorable film executions ruined by too much imprudence in the choice of music.
Still, music, just like video, is and will be at the heart of the future of each one of us and, consequently, of big players’ strategies.
Also Facebook guys have realized it in unsuspicious times. Since some days, Mark is travelling here and there to meet with the biggest record companies, trying to close agreements on the still swampy rules of the online musical copyright.
The reason is quite clear: the daily consumption of contents, news, stories will not disregard a perfect soundtrack for every occasion. What is going to happen is the same that already occurred for the videos in the last years: everybody, with just a decent smartphone, can become a creator; moreover, in few years everybody will have access to every possible music piece, and will be able to use it in his video stories, completely legally.
In the meanwhile, the public is getting more and more used to digital content and its ear appears less naïve or easily deceivable. The audience’s stomach is becoming harder and harder to hit.
But, what makes memorable the soundtrack of a video content? The most important thing is the sine wave. As the best screenwriters teach us, the diagram of a narration – be it fictional or real – must be very dynamic: it has to curve upwards, them downwards, then come back to the top. Every story must have at least a conflict inside. Here it is: this richness and a certain narrative articulation are mandatory also for the music.
As the golden rule says, it is always better to subtract than to attach. Let’s also keep in mind that very few musical instruments are able to touch the rational and irrational chords of the public as strings and piano. See? It does not take much to find the perfect soundtrack.
One of the recent campaigns that explains well this concept is the TV2 campaign where the music perfectly succeeds accompanying the story’s crescendo. Pay attention to its development, starting with a piano solo, and how the strings come over our emotions while the movie continues. Striking.

TV2 – All that we share

Another successful feature is usually to hazard with contaminations, trying to actualize old genres or authors by adding musics from different discographic epochs, even decades distant, on contemporary languages and storytelling.
Here below a couple of my favorites in this regard:

Nike – Last

Samsung – S6

It is worth to spend two words more on this new discovery of old sounds over modern contents.
Netflix - Stranger Things

Just think to Stranger Things, Netflix original series, singular event for the home broadcasting in 2016. How did it manage to get the approval of the public? Simply, by developing one of the biggest operations of collective memory seduction in the history of tv series.
In this operations it is the music, more than any other thing, have worn a “nostalgia-dress”. Amongst other stuff, the synths of the composers are the same used by John Carpenter in the Eighties and the first Nineties
A good choice, and that’s a done deal. Music as remembrance. Do you feel your belly vibrating?
Concerning this coming back of old sounds, I leave you a 90s classic that will perfectly fit for a movie (why not?) in the automotive sector.

Morcheeba – The sea

However, there’s something that makes sound identity very interesting.
It allows you to experiment and merge the genres and the languages. If you are trying to give to your public, let’s say, cheerfulness over a quite boring or dull theme, try to use the rules of a language like storytelling, also and above all in the soundtrack, telling an absurd story regarding your subject: the results will almost certainly be significant.

During the days before the last Olympics in Rio we spread a content proposing to the Olympic Committee the insertion of the Italian traditional game of the “tondino” amongst the games’ disciplines.
Obviously we told this story with all our seriousness

Please, enjoy the music

Paga la mossa – Lo sport del tondino alle Olimpiadi