The Story Group presents “The Subtle Mistery”, the first BTicino branded thriller fiction


With the showcase press conference, the curtains go up on “The Subtle Mistery” a project that “The Story Group - Nati per raccontarti” is proud of, and involved the three Companies of the Group.
The Subtle Mistery” is a thriller fiction in 6 episodes produced by BTicino: it will be on air from the 20th of December and see the participation of Giorgio Pasotti as main actor: he will impersonate the lawyer Claudio Terranegra who has to solve a mysterious theft linked to his dark past.
An high quality video product -devised, wrote and realized by Social Content Factory- which develops the plot combining two different narrative levels: the linear one, evolving through each episode, and the asynchronous one: evidences and elements will appear on Instagram and will complete the video storytelling.  
To realize this fiction, Social Content Factory has used all its competences: from the concept, the script and the treatment, to the production of the episodes and the creative direction of the project, which include a story line on Instagram.
The fiction was filmed last November in 4 days in and around Milan; the troupe was composed by over 35 people, in both daytime and nighttime shots.
Lifonti and Company dealt with media and engagement strategies, using both BTicino and Giorgio Pasotti social media accounts and organizing the launch press conference.
The fiction’s identity, analyzed by Cabiria BrandUniverse, reflects on the thriller mood in the look&feel, and the design of the logue: a glimmering light in the dark expresses the features of BTicino products line shown in the episodes.
Some numbers about “The Subtle Mistery”: 5 main characters, 3 locations, 23 extras, 2 cars on scene, 6 technical tools, 75 pre-production days, 30 post-production days and 1350 coffees drunk.