The tale of Italy growing again recounted to Americans


"Perhaps in Italy's the perception is not so strong, but as sometimes things seen from far away  are clearer, from our point of view I can say that your country is perceived in the world, especially in America, in a very different way compared to only a few years ago. The reforms underway in the country aimed at development and investments are aspects that deserve to receive focused attention in the United States and around the world. "

So says Sophia Shepodd, United World’s Senior Country Director, a leading international publishing company producer of contents - from business intelligence, in-depth analysis and protagonists stories - covering 80 countries in five continents. Contents that fill the sections "Our World" of the American publishing giant USA Today.

In this interview to our blog, Sophia tells why he chose our country for the "Italy is back" report, which will be distributed with the American newspaper in Washington DC, New York City and Houston, where it will reach an audience of over 1,200,000 readers, at the occasion of the General Assembly of the UN in September, with the participation of 193 delegations from all around the world.

According to Sophia, "what matters most to the American public nowadays is the image of a new Italy, that is abandoning the austerity policies and is putting emphasis on strategic investments and is even offering his leadership in a vision for a different Europe. All factors that mark a turning point to the past. "

United World has decided to work on this initiative along with The Story Group, chosen as a partner because "it marries our philosophy in terms of content creation and also knows very well the  Italian communication industry and the storytelling of the country".
As well as in the Our World section of USA Today, the project will have visibility on the online portal "The Worldfolio", a digital news platform accredited by Google News with an audience of ​​about 10 million users and a reference source of the major economic and magazines rating agencies.

Sophia adds that "the Italian candidature as non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, which will be presented in September for the biennium 2017-2018, and the reforms underway in the country are aspects that deserve to receive focused attention in the United States and around the world, aimed at fostering development and investment. "

Working directly in Italy, United World has already collected more than 50 stories for this special issue, including over ten interviews with ministers of Mr. Renzi government and representatives of the institutions, including three Presidents of Region governments, plus other thirty between CEOs or Chairmen of private companies and opinion leaders.

What image of Italy is coming out from your reporting work at such a high level?

"The first indication" answered Sophia, "it is that the push for reforms gives inspiration and vigor to the economic recovery. The recovery, which is the top priority for all of Europe at this time, becomes a reality as that reforms, such as the Jobs Act, are giving results in terms of numbers as those on employment rate or the increase of confidence by businesses  and consumers ".

And why Italian recovery is so important even in the US?

According to Sophia Italy has always been a very important commercial and industrial partner, but in addition to this  we must take into account the importance and vitality of the Italian business community in our country, a community that has enriched our culture as well as our economy, and that can only be thrilled if it can mirror itself in the success story of their country of origin. "