NC Awards 2016: two important victories for The Story Group


The Awards received

On Monday, May 16th the annual NC Awards ceremony took place at Spazio Antologico in Milan.

Our communication Group has received the editor’s special award as “Best leading Innovative Group” and has won the award for best campaign in “Retail” with the inauguration project for Il Mercato del Duomo, Autogrill’s flagship store. 


The Story Group is the Best leading Innovative Group

“Content is king, distribution is queen”

Our Group’s innovation is based on the assumption that every company can become a media company, through sharing directly its own contents, without intermediaries, with an audience of customers, prospects and stakeholders.

If today content is the most precious bargaining tool to set up a relationship, its distribution toward the right audience is a feature of the new digital platforms.

THE STORY GROUP for AUTOGRILL - Il Mercato Del Duomo

The convergence of contents on a limited number of truly worldwide online platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram) on one side, and on the other their fruition on a even more limited number of devices (mobile, even before laptops), make the intertwining of communication and marketing inside companies and agencies unavoidable.

The innovation of our strategic approach – an insight of which you can get in the interview at Diego Lifonti published on the latest issue of the Nuovo Giornale della Comunicazione – has thus received the recognition of the NC Awards jury, composed by thirty of the most important communication and marketing directors of the main Italian companies and by the top figures of the sector associations.