Brand Experience in an increasingly connected world


We are all brand experience consumers: "I consume therefore I am" wrote one of the world most famous thinkers, Z. Bauman, almost a decade ago. There is more and more talking because every time a brand interacts with its public there is an opportunity to create a new brand experience.
A brand experience, even before managing to increase sales – a not at all irrelevant element for a brand, influences people that become vehicles for its messages, spreading opinions and sensations felt through the experience. Taking care of the brand reputation in every aspect is fundamental not only regarding the brand reputation but also to generate engagement and value through time; brands keep on existing if their target is interested in them.
What are the basis to generate a brand experience worth living and telling?
For TSG the answer is, first of all, one: plan an effective brand platform that put into consideration the soul of the brand, its DNA, making a clear promise truthfully, creating a coherent experience that include the target’s cultural characteristics  but also the intimate and emotional ones too.
The second is that a brand experience imply necessarily a journey taken along with the target,  or better is the journey of the active target, the customer journey that we customize calling them people journey, guest journey etc. according to the audience involved and the environments where the brand manifests itself.
The third is represented from the elements that compose the journey and are all the brand’s touch points: visual, first of all, but generally sensorial and even behavioral. This are the regulators of the intensity of the brand experience.
Let’s take as example a touch point such as packaging: “If I’m looking for some crayons for my kid and on the shelves I see the Giotto brand, I activate into myself a cultural remembrance regarding the brand heritage, an affective one, since it’s a cross generational brand and one purely visual, that find the brand aligned with the contemporary codes, demonstrating its ability to exists here and now. My experience in this particular case can be in synch with that brand and thus positive and intense. The fact that the crayon box with its products will exists then in a family environment, on social media, in a video, determines that the experience is perceived as complete, actual and close because it is always connected with me”.
Every experience today is powered by a story and usually manifest itself immediately on social media platform such as Facebook or Instagram, those most suit to transmit the urgency of passing opinions and emotions generated by a brand experience.
Social media also fill the purpose to self-picture oneself by associating with a brand, accepting in this way what the brand represents: philosophy and values, becoming co-authors of the brand experience.
The brand gets chosen because we identify with its personality
A brand personality is a component that the public recognize in a brand or a product. By applying the metaphor “If the brand was a person”, we assign each brand a personality, based on which we decide if we like it and if we want to choose it or not a lifetime partner. The personality determines the brand behavior tracts, that should be believable, constructing so a coherent story and making the target live the expected experience. Should the brand be estranged from its promise, the experience will become unexpected and not necessarily positive.

One experience, many environments
Today we tend to live each brand as a virtual and physical experience, two worlds that become one by mixing and bringing along various touch points.
The physical place is par excellence the one where the brand experience becomes real, it’s in the physical world that we absorbs sensations about the brand, bringing backs emotions that we share on the web. In the point of sale, and even more in a  flagship store, the main objective for a brand is to fascinate us, the second but equally important is to push us to share the experience, because as always it the target that determines if a product or a service is successful or not.